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Užtenka meluoti – mes visi arba sergame, arba jau persirgome korona virusu

Nauja britų studija parodė, kad užsikrėtusių korona Didžiojoje Birtanijoje gali būti apie 6,6 mln. žmonių, arba 10 proc. populiacijos

Mat populiari mobiliaus telefono programėlė The COVID Symptom Tracker buvo atsisiųsta į britų telefonus 1,25 kartų nuo antradienio,

10 proc. pirmųjų 650 tūkst. šio appo abonentų parodė, kad jie atitinka corona viruso simptomus.
Kas reikštų, kad 10 proc. Didžiosios Britanijos gyventojų jau serga corona, tačiau daugelis jų net nepastebėjo, kad ja susiirgo

neabejoju, kad ir Lietuvoje proporcijos yra panašios

todėl labai kvaila dabar „stabdyti“ koroną, kuri jau yra tarp mūsų…/Coronavirus-tracker-claims-6-…

Coronavirus symptom tracker claims up to 6.6MILLION people in Britain may already have the life-threatening infection
The COVID Symptom Tracker questionnaire is made by King’s College London
It has been downloaded more than 1.25million times in the UK since Tuesday
There is no official way of estimating the true number of patients, experts say
According to Government statistics fewer than 10,000 people have caught it
But estimates now put the real figure between 465,000 and 6.6million
Do you have a coronavirus story? Email
Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

PUBLISHED: 08:38 GMT, 26 March 2020 | UPDATED: 14:14 GMT, 26 March 2020


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An app tracking people’s coronavirus symptoms in their own homes has revealed that more than 6.6million people in the UK could have had the infection already.

The COVID Symptom Tracker, created by scientists at King’s College London, was downloaded around 650,000 times in the first 24 hours after it launched on Tuesday.

By today it had been signed up to by 1.25million people and has become the third most popular download in the UK’s App Store, with some 50,000 new users per hour.

Analysis of the first 650,000 users found that 10 per cent of them have had the symptoms of the coronavirus, which causes fever, coughing and tiredness.


US hospitals scramble for additional beds
as coronavirus cases double every three days

Health authorities in the UK aren’t testing anyone for the virus unless they’re in hospital so the app could be one of the clearest pictures of how many people are ill.

If its infection rate of one in every 10 people is applied to the UK’s population of 66million, that could mean 6.6m or more have already had the illness which has sent the world into hiding.

The early results from the app come amid a row in Britain over a lack of widespread testing and demand that NHS workers, at the least, are tested regularly to make sure they are safe to work.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his scientific advisers are adamant that widely available tests are on their way to the public once their accuracy has been tested.

The COVID Symptom Tracker app, created by scientists at King’s College London, is showing early signs that around one in 10 people may have had the coronavirus already.

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Coronavirus tracker claims 6.6MILLION people in the UK could have it
The COVID Symptom Tracker app, created by scientists at King’s College London, is showing early signs that around one in 10 people may have had the coronavirus already.

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