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Landsberg Und Hitler



The town 

is noted 

for its prison where Adolf Hitler 

was incarcerated in 1924. During this incarceration Hitler wrote/dictated his book Mein Kampf 


together with Rudolf Hess

His cell, 

number 7, 


became part of the Nazi cult and many followers came to visit it during the German Nazi-period. Landsberg am Lech was also known as the town of the Hitler Youth.[2]

In the outskirts of this town 


existed the largest concentration camp in Germany 


during the Nazi rule, where over 30,000 victims were imprisoned under inhuman conditions, resulting in the death of around 14,500 of them.

Following World War II it was the location for one of the largest Displaced Person (DP) camps for Jewish refugees and the place of execution for more than 150 war criminals after 1945.[3]

Vytauto Landsbergio

tėvas, 1944 metais

pasitraukęs į Hitlerio valdomą Vokietiją, architektas,

II Pasaulinio karo meto Okupuotos Lietuvos Laikinosios Vyriausybės Ministras

ir to paties karo laikų žydų naikinimo būtinybės ideologas,

Okupuotų Rytų Teritorijų ReichsMinistras,

Vytauto Landsbergio tėvo vienmetis, irgi architektas, architektūrą studijavo tame pačiame Rygos Politechnikos






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