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Based on false charges by the General Prosecutor, N.Venckiene has already spent five months in Chicago’s prison


The pedophilia story, which has been dividing Lithuania for the last decade, has moved to the international space. Former judge and member of Parliament N.Venckiene’s extradition question is being decided in the U.S. courts. Not long ago, giving an interview to the news organization „Associated Press“, N.Venckiene stated: „they have no reason to have me back but to kill me“. The Garliava story had more than one death, from politicians to journalists. Many of the causes of these deaths are still unknown.

On October 5th of 2009, judge Jonas Furmanavicius was shot in Kaunas, a few hours later Violeta Naruseviciene was killed at her home, Drasius Kedys who accused both of them of the molestation of his daughter disappears and become the prime suspect.

The owner of the company where the murderer of J.Furmanavicius and V.Naruseviciene ordered a sticker for his car „Kaunas’ Roads“ [attempting to deceive the law enforcement – transl. note], committed suicide in 2010.

A witness who saw the murderer of J.Furmanavicius, describing him as having „Asian face features“, died from a heart attack.

A witness that recognized „Aidas“ [third suspected pedophile – transl. note], died from a suicide.

A witness that claimed that he saw J.Furmanavicius and A.Usas leaving L.Stankunaite’s apartment, drowned.

In April of 2010, D.Kedys body was found next to Kaunas Reservoir, official cause of death – chocking on his own vomit while heavily intoxicated.

At the same time, journalists report that in Italy, the man named in the pedophilia case, Francesco has shot his wife and then shot himself,

J.Furmanavicius brother and sister’s son are also found dead.

In June of 2010, businessman and politician Andrius Usas, who was accused of pedophilia is found dead. Official cause of death – accident. According to the police, intoxicated A.Usas fell of his four-wheeler and drowned in a puddle that was a few centimeters deep.

In 2011, V.Milinis was killed; the media associated him with the third pedophile by the name of „Aidas“.

The rebels of Klonis street – Josifas Stankevicius and Vadimas Juskas, died in October of 2012, official causes of death – suicides.

In July of 2013, D.Kedys’ best friend and a witness in the pedophilia case, A.Zilius was found dead in Juodkrante. Official cause of death – another suicide.

In 2015, journalist Julius Girdvainis was found dead, he was a strong supporter of N.Venckiene and her family, and he participated in the Seimas elections in 2012 as part of The Way of Courage. The cause of death – suicide.

In 2016 L.Stankunaite’s and U.Usas’ attorney L.Kraujunaitiene has died.

The possible attempt on Vytautas and Laimute Kedys lives, when a truck hit their car has not yet been investigated. The incident when all bolts of the car in which N.Venckiene was in were unscrewed, has not been investigated either. The prosecutor have also not investigated the attempted murder of „Free Newspaper“ editor Aurimas Drizius, whose car was pushed off the highway by a truck.

Link: content&view=article&id=6 701:pagal-melagingus“generalines-prokuraturos-kaltinimus-n-venckiene-jau- penkis-menesius-laikoma-cikagos-kalejime&catid=31&ltemid=101 Date: 06/25/2018

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